Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Shivs and Stilts; Freebooter's Fate Challenge, day 2

Update! Day two of the Freebooter's Fate Challenge, and the 4 models from yesterday are done. I was hoping to get started on another batch as well, but fussing around with these models all evening prevented that. Tomorrow I'll have the whole day to paint though, so hopefully will have more progress.

I promised yesterday that today I'd talk some more about the models. As I mentioned, they're sculpted by the very talented Werner Klocke, and are quite nice models, especially the females. One of my absolute favourite things about this range is the pewter base inserts. As you've probably noticed, basing is not my strong point, and while I'm working on improving that, these inserts are a great idea, simultaneously providing character bases, and extremely solid anchoring points for the models (each insert has slots for the models feet, which have pegs). They also give the assembled models nice weight and stability, particularly valuable on top heavy sculpts like Miedo a Morir.

So then, onto the finished pics!

Male coscritti:

Female coscritti:

Battitore (Stop, what time is it? That's right, hammertime):

Miedo a Morir:

Sorry some of the photos are a little blurry, my terrible photography skills strike again I suppose. Feel free to let me know what you think, feedback is really appreciated, especially on the OSL and NMM, since I'm unpracticed at both.

~ Alex/Magos

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