Saturday, 7 January 2017

The Recent Return of an Old Friend; thoughts on the new White Dwarf magazines

Back when I first got into the hobby, one of the first purchases I made was that month's copy of White Dwarf. I still have that dog eared, barely holding together magazine. I had a monthly subscription for a few years, and also bought quite a few back issues from the early thousands. Eventually I stopped subscribing, as the magazine went from a fantastic hobby resource to a glossy advertising brochure with minimal content. I still bought a few issues that sparked my interest, but mostly I moved on (and collected a large No Quarter collection instead). Then came the debacle that was weekly White Dwarf. The few copies that I purchased were pretty abysmal.
So to say I was skeptical when the monthly magazine announced its return would be an understatement.  I grabbed the first issue, mostly for the free model that came with it (sucker for a freebie!). To my surprise, the magazine was actually pretty good, with plenty of content, including some nice hobby articles that went beyond glossy photos of studio models.
The issues since have remained good quality, and I'm really enjoying the return of this venerable magazine to my shelves. It does seem that GW is really heading in a far better direction as of last year, one that makes me excited for the return of the company that started off my plasticrack addiction.

Here's to 2017, hopefully a good year for the hobby!

~ Alex/Magos

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