Sunday, 4 December 2016

Proof of Painting; some newly painted genestealer cultists

Another brief update as I try and get back into the blogging habit. I've been painting some of the genestealer cultists from Deathwatch Overkill, which I got on sale a few months ago and finally have time to work on, in between other projects. Gorgeous models, really nice to paint. I've tried to keep the colour scheme fairly dark, and a little more professional compared to the more industrial paint jobs most people go with, and which I initially planned.
The bases are going to match a few other small forces I have in the works. They're done with the new GW texture base paints, specifically Martian Ironearth, which is just great. A few drybrushes and some Brokentoad pigments give a really good result for minimal effort.

Fairly happy with how they turned out. They'll do for basic grunts at least.

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