Sunday, 7 July 2013

Blueskinned Biotic Babe; Liara T'soni joins the Normandy crew

I figured while I'm on a Mass Effect kick I'd keep working on some of the other models I have for the project so far.
Liara T'soni was probably my least favourite ally in ME1, I just didn't really warm to her. In ME3, on the other hand, she's a kickass biotic, my default squadmate when taking on Cerberus, since singularity messes them up pretty good. 
For her model, I knew I was going to use one of the Infinity females. When I found Gotthammer's blog, Collegia Titanica, I shamelessly ripped off was inspired by his choice of the Aleph Sophotect, so I feel it's only fair to give credit. You can see his conversion here:
The model is a pretty decent match to Liara's costume from ME2. For her head, I used a hairless female head and sculpted on the tentacles. This was pretty nervewracking, since sculpting is definitely not one of my natural talents. In the end they're a little on the bulky side, less tentacles and more dreadlocks. But there's the correct number and shape, so I'm satisfied. 
Her colour scheme is two-tone white/grey, with blue trim. Not the best colours to work with, but I think she looks alright. The part I'm least happy with is her skin - blue skin is hard. My natural inclination would be to start with blue and mix in flesh tones to highlight, I've done this on my WM trollkin before. However asari skin is fairly flat blue. Hopefully she looks ok, let me know what you think.
I finished her and thought she looked a little plain, so I took a deep breath and attempted some biotic OSL. OSL is a technique I'm not very good at, and given the nature of it, it's pretty easy to ruin an entire paintjob if it messes up. In the end, it's not very noticeable, which might be good or bad.

Oh, and her weapon is an M23 Katana, both terrible, and a shotgun, which she can't technically wield... but it's the closest match to the Infinity weapon she's wielding.

Here she is next to Shepard. As you can see, Shepard is about the same height, but slimmer, than the Infinity sculpt.

Let me know what you think :)

~ Alex/Magos

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