Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Dawn of a New Age; first Age of Sigmar battle

Sorry for the brief pause in updates. Been busy with work and most nights I can't work up the energy to upload photos and write anything intelligent (some would say I never manage the latter anyway).

On the hobby front, it has been a great week. Last sunday I drove across to Geelong to catch up with a gaming mate of mine and throw some dice in anger for the first time in about a year. Allan and I hammered out the basics of Age of Sigmar, and had a great deal of fun in the process. While the game was rudimentary and we had trouble/forgot plenty of small things, overall it worked as a casual skirmish battle game. Can definitely see it being a quick and easy option for friendly battles.

I took a few photos, but none of them are that spectacular. Briefly:

Our two armies were equal in wounds (an accident). I had:

Dwarf lord
10 hammerers - champion
10 longbeards - full command
2x 5 Ellyrian reavers

Allan had:

Empire general
10 greatswords - full command
10 archers
2x 10 militia

The battle began with my reavers moving forward and shooting the crap out of both militia units, skimishing with one until it was dead. Meanwhile my troops moved forward, finishing off another militia unit before bad charge rolling left my hammerers in combat with the greatswords without the longbeard support. A bloody battle resulted in all my dwarfs being cut down in return for most of the greatswords, while the reavers shot down the archers, until just the empire general was left atop a mound of corpses, while a shooting circle of reavers formed around him.
It was a great game, and swung a lot mid game as my combat units died in droves. In the end, the reavers proved incredibly strong and won me the game.

On the painting front, I've been working on one of the chaos warriors, as well as some Frostgrave stuff, and finishing off the marauder.

Finally, my copy of Frostgrave arrived yesterday. The plastic ruffians are awesome, and the rules look great fun. Very keen to get some terrain done and give it  a go!

That's all for now, thanks for reading,



  1. what is this? I accidentally got here by clicking on an image, and found something that might be worth getting into? could you message me? thanks.

    1. Hey Logan, this is the miniature wargame Age of Sigmar. Not sure what, if any, gaming background you have, but in simple terms it's a game that allows you to create battles between armies in a fantasy setting. It's pretty fun, although there are many other equally great games out there with different settings and rules.