Monday, 17 February 2014

Red Flag; dwarf standard bearer

Finished the first member of my shieldbeards' command today, the standard bearer. I'm not 100% happy with him... I really suck at freehand. The runes on his banner say 'Galaz Baraz', the name of the clan this unit is drawn from. Roughly translated it should say 'precious gold oath' - the clan is part of the jewelsmith guild, which is also responsible for the minting of coins. In the wake of their hold's fall, this clan has remained prosperous thanks to their lucrative crafts, and many of the clan are master jewellers and bankers in Imperial cities. While they aren't contributing as many warriors to the army as other clans, they are providing large amounts of gold to fund the expedition (and if 9th ed introduces allies, they'll probably be hiring a contingent of those as well).
The large rune is the symbol for my hold, Drung Drakk. I made it up on the spot when I needed something to fill the space, so I can't say its design has any particular meaning. The last rune is just a grudge rune - I'm not sure what banner runes I'll be using on their banner, so I figured something generic would be fine. I'm sure any dwarf banking clan is particularly interested in grudges.

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