Monday, 6 July 2015

Back from the Dead; trying to dust off this old blog

Well hey there, LOOOOOONG time no see.

It's been just over a year since my last blog post, how time flies.

Not that I expect a whole lot of people to read this or care, but essentially around this time last year a whole lot of big changes took place in my life, mostly for the better, that put a dampener on my hobby time. Getting two jobs, which eventually led to stable work at one place, moving out of home and making a whole bunch of good friends down here in 'Bool, and the necessity of keeping most of my hobby gear at my folks' place on the other side of town all limited my ability to paint. Also, my commitments to commission work meant that I never had much opportunity to paint for myself - and that proved pretty lethal to my motivation. I've ended up wrapping up all my commissions except for the large chaos army which is still getting finished for my very patient client. I'll try and get around to sharing some pictures of the completed stuff soon.

In the meantime, I've spent the last weekend working on some personal pieces as a breather.

The first in one of the Stormcast Eternals from Age of Sigmar. I'm pretty stoked for this game, and hope its a gateway for me to get back into warhammer. Models are pretty.

The colours are much darker than the official scheme, and I think it looks good. The hammer is a lot of work, does it pay off? I've been playing around lately with glowing metal, and it's very hard to make it work. Even when the colours are right, the paint just doesn't 'glow'.

Next up we have some Reaper Bones painted up for Frostgrave, the upcoming Osprey fantasy skirmish game that looks amazing. I am very keen to try and get this going locally. Looks easy and fun, a modern Mordheim hopefully.
I still hate Bones plastic. Godawful stuff. But some models are alright, these will do. Pair of storm mages and a ranger henchwoman. Oh, and some loot.

Finally, everyone's favourite blue biotic bitch, the one and only Liara from Mass Effect. Gonna hopefully wind up as part of a larger display. 54mm, so much bigger than most of what I paint. Very early days.

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