Saturday, 15 June 2013

Why do you have a Shipping Container in your backyard?; inappropriately ubiquitous wargaming terrain

Still working on the WoTR rules post, it's going to be pretty long, so I think I'll break it into several posts...

Didn't get much painting done in the second half of the week, workdays tend to leave me uninspired. Now it's the weekend though, so I was determined to get something done. A few months ago I bought a bunch of the very awesome Blind Pig laser terrain as a birthday gift for my brother, who also happens to be my regular opponent. Of course, the advantage of buying him terrain is that I get to use it just as much as him. Anyway, as the artistically inspired one, I'm in charge of painting it all, so I finally got my act together and made a start with two shipping containers, the ubiquitous terrain of the future (seriously, these things are like sci fi mushrooms on gamers tables). All up there's 10 shipping crates, 5 small crates, 6 fan units and 2 dumpsters, not bad for just $100!
I used my airbrush for these... which of course led to a grumpy afternoon of juggling brush, paint, terrain. I like airbrushing, I just suck at it, mainly due to a lack of practice. Anyway, these came out better than I thought they would halfway through the process. My bro is a big Borderlands fan, so they'll all be in the colours of the various corporations from that. I plan on getting my own to paint up in Mass Effect colour schemes.

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