Saturday, 8 June 2013

Let The Games Begin; first box of WOTR finished

Well, little later than I wanted, but my first box of War of the Roses infantry is now fully painted. Three weeks for 40 models isn't too bad I think.
Now that they're done I should have enough for some very small scale playtesting of the rules I want to use. Hopefully later today/tomorrow I'll have some results to share of how that goes.

Here are the finished final three bases, one Yorkist levy bowmen, one retinue Lancastrian bowmen, and one Lancastrian command base with the Earl of Oxford. The Lancastrians were a bit rushed in the end, so I'll probably go back and touch them up a bit later.

Lancastrian force:

Yorkist forces:

As always, C&C welcome :)

- Alex/Magos

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  1. Stunning work mate!, I'm tempted to grab some of these guys now.