Thursday, 12 September 2013

For the Swarm; Bones swarms and random WIPS

Well, a few days off work and I've actually been slightly productive! I'll get straight into pics, since I don't really have much to waffle about... Oh, except this blog passed 1k views a few days ago. Thanks to everyone who reads my intermittent rambling :)

Some more Bones. Fear the swarm!

I realised I rarely post WIPs on here... usually because I finish things in one sitting I guess. Anything that takes longer usually languishes for months/years due to my lack of anything resembling an attention span... but anyway, the following pics are just WIP, needing basing/touching up, so you'll see them again soon hopefully.

Firstly, I painted some more WOTR infantry. It's been far too long, but hopefully I'll get back to this game soon. I've been rewatching a lot of Game of Thrones lately... coincidence, or inspiration?
These guys are Burgundian handgunners, mercenaries for the Yorkists.

And finally, one of the several Khador heavy jacks I need to paint. The humble, faithful destroyer. I used to own a pair of the metal ones, but the new (well, old now I guess) plastics are a big improvement. I still miss Warmachine Mk1 though...
I don't think the photos do it justice really, I'm very happy with the red though. I use the 'official' method, as given in the Khador faction book. Obviously I'm not up to studio quality, but it's a method of painting red that I love. Given what a pain of a colour it can be, I'm happy to have something reliable that works.
I know that, given all the large plates, it would probably make sense to airbrush these jacks, but personally I find that if I airbrush them, the metals just become a massive pain. I'd rather paint the metals first, then do the plates by hand.

And finally, my Mantic Enforcer army set finally arrived, courtesy of the always excellent Dan of Tabletop Empires. These guys will be serving as Cerberus troops in my Mass Effect skirmish game (some may also become Blue Suns), so expect more on that front soon.

Thanks for reading,
~ Alex/Magos

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