Thursday, 29 August 2013

Some of the Big Guys; new photos of old paintjobs

Haven't had much time for hobby this week, though I did get to play a short RPG encounter on Sunday with my one and only gaming opponent in town. Was fun, if a steep learning curve for two total RPG noobs, but we agreed it bears further exploration.

Hopefully I'll have new painting progress to show soon, but in the absence of new things, I thought I'd post some pics of a few models I painted earlier this year, before I had this blog. I've been sorting through hobby junk, and decided that taking better pics of these paintjobs wouldn't hurt.

So anyway, enjoy a Circle Woldwarden and Khador Berserker!

Thanks for readings,
~ Alex/Magos

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  1. Love the warmachine stuff mate. Rpg's are cool but sooooo much reading to play, I like reading but they're on a whole new level.