Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Commercialismas; a bit of festive Deadzone cheer

Merry Christmas (eve) all, hope you're having a good time celebrating the most important holiday of the Capitalist religion ;) I'm not a big Christmas person myself, but I do enjoy overindulging on glazed ham and other delicacies. And I received a pretty awesome book (the world of Thedas) as a gift, so hey, maybe it was worth the tinsel, lights and terrible christmas advertising.

Anyway, I've managed to get a bit more Deadzone stuff done, including some more terrain and the start of painting my Plague. I also had a small game on the weekend, just trying to learn the rules. The biggest thing I learnt was that I need way, way more cover. Anyone who ventures into the open just gets railed.

Enjoy some pics while I go and enjoy tiramisu and mead.

The colour scheme for my plague is more or less the official one, purple and bone, with lots of added blood. I picked up a couple of the new GW technical paints from Tabletop Empires, just to see what they're like. So far I'm pretty happy with the blood.
Paintjobs are just rushjobs, no need for anything fancy. I must say, the Stage 1 is a truly amazing model. I haven't settled on what to do with the bases yet, which it why they're unpainted.

Cheers all,

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