Thursday, 24 October 2013

Mean and Green; WIP bandit buntai

More painting progress. Got the skin and green on my bandits done. Once they're finished I'll be up to 187 finished models for the year, definitely on track to break 200, and maybe 250 even. Pretty chuffed about that.

So not much to say about these guys really. Currently they are VERY green, I'll admit. That should be slightly toned down once they have a motley assortment of other colours added, but the goal to be to give them a green 'uniform', without making them too cohesive (they are bandits after all).
Basically, my thinking when it comes to skirmish games is to try and give different forces strong colour schemes based around a single colour. My sohei, who follow a fairly standard scheme, are predominantly yellow. My bushi buntai, when I eventually do one, will be red. I don't follow this principle in all cases, but it's a general guide that I think helps make each skirmish force visually distinct.
I'm a lot happier with the painting for these guys than I was with the Sohei, especially since green is probably the colour I paint least. I've tried to include some skin tone variation, a mix of darker and lighter tones. Hopefully the exaggerated contrasts will really make them pop on the tabletop, I'm hoping to have them finished my the weekend for a game of Ronin with two fully painted buntai and fully painted terrain. That may well be a first for my gaming career...

~ Alex/Magos

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