Thursday, 29 May 2014

Ph-ph-ph-photodump!; more finished commission models and some bones

And I'm back! Sorry for the silence, had a slow few weeks where I didn't get a lot of painting time, and since I was batch painting, I don't like posting half finished models.

Anyway, finished a batch more models since I last posted. More winterguard, although I forgot a photo. Also some more Yu Jing for that commission. I painted all seven minis together and man, with such detailed models batch painting that many is a real chore. Keeps them all consistent though, so that's the reason. The Domaru establishes the colours for the heavy infantry, and I tried a few different options before settling on the gold accents. Pretty happy with it. Also, yellow is my absolute favourite OSL colour I think.

Next up is the first model for a Texico MERCS team I'm painting for a guy. Once they're finished I'll also be undertaking a Chaos Warriors army for him. The brief for Texico was 'dusty wild west'. I went to town on the coat with weathering, trying to make it look like a properly old and battered piece of leather, covered in dust and scratches. Pretty happy with how it looks, the MERCS minis are so much fun to paint.

Finally, I painted a few more of the Reaper Bones minis. Still hate the material, but oh well. Just basic paintjobs on these, nothing fancy, they'll only ever be used as game pieces.

Anyway, that's all for now, but I should have some more updates soon.

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