Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Small Dwarf with a Big Sword; random dwarf plus based MERCS

Hey folks, just thought I'd post up my work for the day. Had a quiet few weeks in the hobby while I did other stuff with my time, but I recently found a cheap blister of old Marauder dwarf longbeards. Now, while I'm a fan of the new, modern dwarf models, I also love these characterful old models. I don't plan to put them in my army, so they'll just be painted for fun. NMM is still the one technique that does my head in. This attempt isn't perfect, but it looks ok I think... :-/
I also went back to a model I painted last year. It's about time I got back to MERCS, so I based one of my finished FCC models. Happy with how it turned out I think.

Thanks for reading,
~ Alex/Magos


  1. Cheap blister!? you mean I could have sold that blister to you for more!?

    Glad to see they are being put to use and so quickly after the sale.

  2. Lol, I have no idea what their value is, but I'm a sucker for random cool models, and they seemed like good value.
    They're awesome sculpts, a lot of character without being encrusted with details like some GW sculpts.